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The Doctor Is In

One god who doesn’t get discussed all that much but has had a lasting impact on our culture is Asclepius, the god of physicians. Actually, early sources, such as the Homeric Hymns, refer to him not as a god, but … Continue reading

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She Blinded Me with Christian Science

In my series of brief posts on significant religious movements, I come to Christian Science, the brainchild of Mary Baker Eddy. The main thing people know about them is that they don’t use medicine, although I guess that’s also true … Continue reading

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Celsus and Paracelsus

I’ve already discussed Paracelsus in connection with his belief in elementals, but there was more to him than that. I suppose he was what would be considered a Renaissance man, with interests ranging from medicine to astrology and alchemy. While … Continue reading

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Snake Oil Dependence

I came across this video today on Unreasonable Faith, and I have to say I come across a lot of what this guy is talking about. It ranges from people who pray instead of taking their kids to the doctor … Continue reading

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