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I Couldn’t See the Rabbits Hiding Out of View

The Shawshank Redemption – We watched this one the night before going to see It, so I guess it was a Stephen King kind of weekend. The movie is pretty long for having been based on a novella, Rita Hayworth … Continue reading

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Crispin’s Night Speech

Beth, Stephanie and I saw Crispin Glover at the Alamo Drafthouse last night. If you don’t know who he is, he played George McFly in Back to the Future and came close to kicking David Letterman in the head. He’s … Continue reading

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In for a Pennywise, Out for a Clown

It – SPOILERS! (Do I need to put in the warning, or is that not something people bother with anymore?) I’ve never read the book (or anything by Stephen King, actually), but I did see the miniseries some time ago. … Continue reading

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Song of Edmon, by Adam Burch – I was able to get the Kindle version of this book for free, and found it worth reading. The first novel by Burch, who’s otherwise a classically trained but not particularly well-known actor, … Continue reading

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Save Your Drama for the Yamas

Yama Yama Land: Where Everything Is Different, by Grace Duffie Boylan, illustrated by Edgar Keller – There were several books released in the early twentieth century that were largely imitative of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, both in story and … Continue reading

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Where the Hell Are the Singing Cats?

Cats is a consistently popular but much maligned musical, and I guess it IS kind of dorky and cutesy. Then again, we live in a time when grown men openly love My Little Pony. Beth and I saw a Broadway … Continue reading

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It’s All About Mimi

Last week, I finished reading the last book in Patricia Wrightson’s Song of Wirrun trilogy based on Australian mythology, which taught me about a few spirit beings from aboriginal folklore. One of them was the Mimi, a kind of spirit … Continue reading

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