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Honey in Your Ear

I’m not sure how it turned out that I’d be seeing so many concerts in a short period of time, but yesterday was the case/lang/veirs show at Prospect Park, only four days after Nellie McKay in Manhattan. I have tickets … Continue reading

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Listen to Her Play, Has Something to Say

I’ve liked Nellie McKay for several years now, and I think she might actually live fairly locally, but I’d only ever seen her live once, five and a half years ago. I noticed somewhere online that she was doing a … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Writing Rhymes and Trading Lines

The Monkees, Good Times! – Released in honor of the group’s fiftieth anniversary, it’s the first album they’ve done since their thirtieth anniversary. The members are known for not getting along all that well with each other, although when they … Continue reading

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Now I Eat Humble Pie

Beth and I watched last week’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher last night. I sometimes think we should just skip them if we miss them, since they’re related to current events, but Beth likes to be caught up … Continue reading

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Hand Over That Rabbit Fur Coat

It’s now been ten years since the release of Jenny Lewis’ first solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat, and she’s now forty. The record has sort of a country/gospel sound to it, with the Watson Twins providing accompaniment. To mark this, … Continue reading

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We Take You to Brooklyn

They Might Be Giants have been doing shows at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on the last Sunday of pretty much every month this year, often with special themes. Beth and I saw the shows where they played their first … Continue reading

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Look What You’ve Done, You Juggalo

Insane Clown Posse: A Family Underground – This documentary was filmed at the 2008 Gathering of the Juggalos, a few years before the ICP briefly returned to the public consciousness with their song about how science ruins everybody’s fun. Their … Continue reading

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