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The Summer Turns to Winter Overnight

Robyn Hitchcock, I Often Dream of Trains in New York – I bought this when I saw Robyn live in Montclair. Recorded at Symphony Space in 2008, the show includes most of the songs from I Often Dream of Trains, … Continue reading

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Birds in Perspex Come Alive

Writing about music is pretty difficult. Sometimes I just can’t describe what I like or dislike about something I’ve listened to, maybe partially because I’m just not that knowledgeable about music theory and terminology. It also generally takes several listens … Continue reading

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Ain’t You Never Seen a Disembodied Soul Before?

I picked up a few albums recently, either through buying them used or receiving them as presents, so here are some thoughts. Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, Globe of Frogs – I have the box sets of much of Robyn’s … Continue reading

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In the Witching Hour

Pixies, Beneath the Eyrie – The band’s newest release was recorded at a recording studio in Ulster County, New York, that used to be a church. It had a Gothic feel that inspired the general vibe of the album, and … Continue reading

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Parodies Lost

I haven’t written that much about music recently. I think part of that is because, whenever I have the time to listen to something, it’s more likely to be something from the RPG Music Fanatics Facebook community or an episode … Continue reading

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Mad Shelley’s Letterbox Is Full of Birthday Cards

I think it’s been a while since I’ve done an album review. I’ve had both the new Robyn Hitchcock and New Pornographers records for a few weeks now, and had taken some notes on them, but had trouble articulating all … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Earth Get in Your Eyes

Here are my thoughts on some albums I’ve heard recently, some old, some new, some borrowed, and…okay, I don’t think any of them are blue, but I’m not going to double-check the discs to find out. Robyn Hitchcock, A Star … Continue reading

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Robyn Hitchcock Presents

So, I saw Robyn Hitchcock live last night at the City Winery in Manhattan. Too bad I don’t like wine. No, even if I did I likely wouldn’t have bought any, because I come to concerts to see the artists, … Continue reading

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All of You Lie About Something

Neko Case: The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You – This monstrosity of a title belongs to Neko’s newest album, which is excellent as usual. Compared to previous albums of … Continue reading

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If You Hit the Water You Know You’ve Gone Too Far

Carolyn Mark, The Queen of Vancouver Island – If you don’t know Ms. Mark’s music, you really should. She’s a charismatic Canadian country artist with an obvious sense of humor, as shown in such titles as “The Cereal Is the … Continue reading

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