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In for a Pennywise, Out for a Clown

It – SPOILERS! (Do I need to put in the warning, or is that not something people bother with anymore?) I’ve never read the book (or anything by Stephen King, actually), but I did see the miniseries some time ago. … Continue reading

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We’re Just Technologically Impaired

After Alapalooza, “Weird Al” Yankovic didn’t put out another album until 1996, although in the interim his label released a boxed set. It was all material from previous albums aside from the demo version of “My Bologna” and a new … Continue reading

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Feels Good to Be a Superstar

Grand Duchy, Let the People Speak – Grand Duchy is a project that Black Francis had with his wife Violet Clark. I guess you could say it’s sort of like Mono Puff, the side project by John Flansburgh of They … Continue reading

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