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Everybody’s Got a Laughing Place

Song of the South – This was one of Disney’s earlier films to mix live action with animation, and also one of their most controversial movies, never released on home video in this country. I saw it at the theater … Continue reading

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Yumbo World

Picture by xsunnybirdx I recently came across a mention of Yumboes, a sort of fairy folk from Senegal, specifically from the folklore of the Wolof people. They’re said to live underground in the Paps, a range of hills about three … Continue reading

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Turning to Tanit

Tanit was the chief goddess of Carthage, the one-time greatest rival of the Roman Empire. The city was founded by immigrants from Phoenicia, and was probably a Phoenician colony before turning to self-rule. While Tanit is mostly associated with Carthage, … Continue reading

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The Black Side of the Force

Beth, who is not interested in Star Wars, sent me this link earlier today. First of all, I don’t remember the movie very well, but didn’t someone in Chasing Amy say pretty much the same thing Melissa Harris-Perry did, except … Continue reading

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Don’t Sass the Bonsum

In J.B.S. Haldane’s My Friend Mr Leakey, the title character makes a reference to a creature from the folklore of Ghana and Togo: “And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to conjure up a devil before dinner, because tomorrow … Continue reading

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My Mother Was the Sea

I’m running a bit low on myths and deities I had previously heard about, but occasionally I’ll come across one on the Internet who looks interesting. This was the case with Yemoja, sometimes called Yemaya, a goddess from the Nigerian … Continue reading

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You Really Drive Me Wild When You Sing Your Babalu

I read an interesting bit of trivia here about how Ricky Ricardo’s most famous song is about an African god. I never got into I Love Lucy, but I definitely thought this was something worth researching further. Babalu-Aye, literally meaning … Continue reading

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