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Hot Cross Bunyips

A book I’m currently reading makes reference to the Bunyip of Australian mythology, so I thought it would be worth further investigating this creature. The name sounds pretty tame to me as an English speaker, perhaps a combination of “bunny” … Continue reading

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Sunny Side Up

I like to try to tie my mythology posts to holidays when possible, but here it is Easter weekend, and I’ve already written about the goddess Eostre/Ostara. I’ve also covered the resurrection stories of Osiris, Attis, Tammuz, and Odin. So … Continue reading

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The Secret of the Oozlum

Today’s mythological subject is the oozlum bird, a creature appearing in British and Australian folklore. While generally thought to inhabit those areas, it’s also sometimes identified as a native of South America. If what is said about the bird’s incredible … Continue reading

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You’ll Come A-Waltzing Wandjina with Me

I’ll admit that there’s a definite European bias to my mythology posts. A lot of it is Greek, which is really the mythology that a lot of us, at least in my neck of the woods, know best. I do … Continue reading

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