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Close Encounters of the Fundamentalist Kind

You may have heard about Ark Encounter, the replica of Noah’s Ark that was built in Kentucky. This was the brainchild of Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and an Australian creationist, like Ray Comfort. So they believe the … Continue reading

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Good Gods and Bad Gods

I don’t think people typically worship gods they think of as evil. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, just that it doesn’t seem to be the basis of any major religion. What does happen is that societies will demonize … Continue reading

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Suck It, Gilgamesh!

I’ve written many times about the references in video games to classical mythology, but I don’t think I’ve yet given Gilgamesh, as he appears in the Final Fantasy series, his own post. The source of his name is obviously the … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Pangu

There are several different Chinese creation myths, but there seems to be a general theme of the universe coming into existence without help from an intelligent being. Some of the popular ones involve a being called Pangu, who hatched from … Continue reading

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Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth

It’s Earth Day, the celebration of the planet that’s just the right distance from the sun to support life. Some people cite this phenomenon as proof that God exists, but if that’s the case, why did He create so many … Continue reading

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The Crow and the Cup

Since I mentioned the constellation Corvus in a recent post, I might as well say a little more about the mythology surrounding this constellation. If you recall, Corvus is also the main villain of Dragon Quest IX, as the Celestrians … Continue reading

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Semiramis Kind of Life

Looking back at this Chick Tract dissection, I thought that Jack Chick’s obsession with Semiramis might be worth a post. So who’s Semiramis? And is she related to Harold Ramis, who played Egon in Ghostbusters? I don’t know about the … Continue reading

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The Solar System Really Turns Me On

Is there a link between the seven-day week and the visible planets, as the names of the days indicate? I’d seen it suggested that this connection dates back to the Babylonians, as they had a seven-day week and had identified … Continue reading

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Moo to Mesopotamia

Ninsun was a Sumerian goddess, associated with wisdom and cows. Why that combination? I couldn’t say. Different cultures had different animals they associated with wisdom, often based largely on how they looked, like the owl to the Greeks and the … Continue reading

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Hey Baba, Humbaba

One advantage to being an epic hero is that, if you feel like killing someone, you can just paint them as a villain. Sometimes the giants and dragons slain by heroes have committed evil actions that need to be stopped, … Continue reading

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