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The Shapelessness of Things to Come

I haven’t been doing too many mythology posts recently, but here’s a short one. The Brollachan is an amorphous monster from Scottish mythology. While it has no regular shape, it does have visible red eyes and a mouth. It is … Continue reading

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They Blue Themselves

At the risk of lacking variety, I’m featuring another malevolent sea creature from Scottish mythology this week. This myth appears to be very localized, limited to northern Scotland. These sea people, known as the Blue Men of the Minch, are…exactly … Continue reading

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Drove My Chevy to the Nuckelavee

Since St. Patrick’s Day was two days ago, it might make sense to feature Irish mythology this weekend, but instead I’m going with Scottish. Hey, I’m part Scots-Irish, after all. The particular focus of this post is local to the … Continue reading

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Coping with Totalitarianism

The Table of Less Valued Knights, by Marie Phillips – There have been many parodies of the King Arthur mythos, but this one covers some ground that I hadn’t seen before. It introduces another table at Camelot for the knights … Continue reading

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Jumping Jack Flash

I’d heard the name of Spring-Heeled Jack before. He was a character in the Skulduggery Pleasant series, and someone put the Morrissey song “Spring-Heeled Jim” on a mix tape for me back when I was in college. I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Friends in Grindylow Places

You might remember the Grindylows from their appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in which they lived in the lake at Hogwarts. They are an actual sort of creature from English folklore, being particularly associated with Yorkshire … Continue reading

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Good Knight, Sleep Tight

SPOILER WARNING, especially for The Yellow Knight of Oz Ruth Plumly Thompson introduced the character of Sir Hokus of Pokes in her first Oz book, The Royal Book of Oz, and he quickly became a standard part of the royal … Continue reading

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