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There Is a King That Will Steal Your Soul

Here are some thoughts on three movies I’ve watched recently: True Stories – A weird film directed and co-written by David Byrne, who also stars in it as an interactive narrator. Presented as a slice of life in a Texas … Continue reading

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Unraveling Ixchel

It’s pretty easy to do basic research on Greco-Roman mythology, for which we have many ancient sources, and some of the basics are more or less ingrained into modern culture. This gets a little trickier when you get into cultures … Continue reading

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Bat Out of Xibalba

Picture by Abelardo A little while ago, I came across this list of lesser-known mythological monsters. One of them that interested me was the Mayan demon known as Camazotz, which basically means “death bat.” While popular culture gives vampires the … Continue reading

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Oh, Maya Gods!

I saw a mention of the Popol Vuh, a Mayan book of myths, at Intelligent Life, as well as a link to an animated narration. Since I haven’t said much about Mayan mythology, I might as well address this. When … Continue reading

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The Original Suicide Girl

I can’t find much information on this week’s mythological subject, but she was just too interesting to pass up. Ixtab was the Mayan goddess of suicide, and patron deity of the noose and gallows. While many religions and cultures frown … Continue reading

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