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This Is Maui Do It

Moana – The second Disney animated feature released this year focuses on the Pacific Islands, an area they hadn’t really explored before. Okay, Lilo & Stitch took place in Hawaii, but didn’t focus on native Hawaiian lore. This movie isn’t … Continue reading

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Mind Your Mana

I don’t recall when I first heard the term “mana,” but it’s present in a lot of video games, especially role-playing ones. I think I used to get it confused with manna, the stuff the Israelites ate in the desert. … Continue reading

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Rapa Nui’s Delight

A bit of word association made me think it would make sense to incorporate Easter Island into my Oz story about the Easter Bunny, which meant I had to do a little bit of research to find out more about … Continue reading

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Shark Raving Mad

I recently came across this post about shape-shifters who take animal forms, and I noticed it mentioned that Pacific Island mythology included shark-men. Considering the proliferation of sharks and werewolves in the modern media, you’d think were-sharks would be more … Continue reading

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You’ve Never Seen Fire ‘Til You’ve Seen Pele Blow

When I first heard the title of Tori Amos’ third album (fourth if you count Y Kant Tori Read, I suppose), I wondered why the soccer player was collecting boys. Then I found out it was actually a reference to … Continue reading

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