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It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

The concept of Mother Earth is an ancient one, appearing in many different cultures. One of the most famous is the Greek Gaia, mother to the Titans, the giants, and many others. Obviously the myth-makers realized that nature has both … Continue reading

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Homunculus Is By Your Side

One term I’ve come across in several places but haven’t been entirely sure what it means is “homunculus.” So I looked it up on Wikipedia, everyone’s favorite source for information that is probably at least partially true, and the indication … Continue reading

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The Fantasy of the Christ

I’ve recently come across several comments on a recent essay that tries to define fantasy as a distinctly Christian genre. Both J.L. Bell and Vorjack at Unreasonable Faith have brought it up, and my immediate reaction was to dismiss the … Continue reading

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She Blinded Me with Christian Science

In my series of brief posts on significant religious movements, I come to Christian Science, the brainchild of Mary Baker Eddy. The main thing people know about them is that they don’t use medicine, although I guess that’s also true … Continue reading

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Boots the Bishop and the Dumb Ox

Maimonides, whom I addressed last week, was a major influence on Christian thought as well as Jewish. This seems to have been largely through two famous Christian admirers of his work, Albertus Magnus and his student Thomas Aquinas. In the … Continue reading

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One theme that constantly arises in theology is whether reason and philosophy conflict with religious belief. There seems to be a significant movement in the United States in favor of willful ignorance, that faith is much more important than facts. … Continue reading

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Augustine of Hippo Hump Day

What does it say about my mind that the name “Augustine of Hippo” immediately conjures up the image of a hippopotamus dressed as a bishop? Of course, “hippo” actually means “horse, ” with a hippopotamus being a “river horse,” but … Continue reading

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