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Getting Off the Tract

Holy Faceless God, Jack Chick died yesterday. Hey, isn’t that the day Bishop James Ussher claimed the world began in 4004 BC? I don’t know whether modern Young Earth Creationists still accept that date, but it still seems appropriate. You’ve … Continue reading

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Modern-Day Marcionism

I’ve read a few times about the Marcionites, an early Christian sect that had significant influence but was declared heretical. It has some ideas in common with Christian Gnosticism, but lacks the emphasis on secret teachings. Instead, Marcion held that … Continue reading

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Pray Away the Gay-Bashers

I just came across a link to this article on Facebook today. Seems that, despite Pope Francis’ insistence that he’s in no position to judge homosexuals, some of the cardinals are quite willing to do just that. Cardinal Raymond Burke … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Best Tunes

Not very long ago, my wife brought to my attention this IMDb thread about the music in The Lords of Salem. Usually these boards are pretty stupid, and it bugs me how half the replies to any given post are … Continue reading

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The World According to Chick

I hadn’t looked at Jack Chick’s website in a long time, but my wife reminded me of it tonight, so I took a look at the new tract “Let’s Fly Away.” Honestly, I have a hard time believing old Jack … Continue reading

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Divine Warming

Remember when Congressman John Shimkus proved himself to be just as dumb as his name sounds, and said that the world when end when God wants it to, and not because of global warming? Well, apparently at least one other … Continue reading

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Semiramis Kind of Life

Looking back at this Chick Tract dissection, I thought that Jack Chick’s obsession with Semiramis might be worth a post. So who’s Semiramis? And is she related to Harold Ramis, who played Egon in Ghostbusters? I don’t know about the … Continue reading

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