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I Will Survive

It’s fascinating how many different scenarios people have come up with for the total collapse of society. I haven’t really done much research into the Preppers or Survivalists, those who stock up on provisions in their bomb shelters so they’ll … Continue reading

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The Exceptionalism That Proves the Rule

The phrase “American exceptionalism” has become a rather confusing one, in that it gets tossed around a lot, but it’s not entirely clear what it means. It’s sort of like “political correctness” in that respect. Does it mean general politeness … Continue reading

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Son of a Snake

One odd Biblical interpretation that I’ve come across occasionally is the Serpent-Seed Doctrine, which basically says that Eve had sex with the snake. While this idea is first known to have shown up in the ninth century, it’s been said … Continue reading

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Merely a Man

I wrote about demonization last week, but there’s another way people dealt with gods they didn’t believe in, which is claiming that they’re simply people who came to be worshipped. Of course this kind of thing actually happened, both with … Continue reading

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A few days ago, Beth and I watched some 20/20 piece on the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints, who are basically Mormons who split off from the main church when it decided to no longer espouse polygamy. For the FLDS, not only … Continue reading

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Marvel with the Mormons

Apparently Mitt Romney referred to Paul Ryan’s budget as “marvelous,” which President Obama found to be a rather odd choice of adjective. As seen in this post, however, the word “marvelous” appears constantly in the Book of Mormon. Basically, Joseph … Continue reading

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Search Me

Here are some of the search terms by which people found my blog, and probably wished they hadn’t. yoshi and mario and luigi babys metis getting swallowed yoshi’s brothers kid cartoon of a green slimy monster spear warrior cartoon images … Continue reading

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