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Here are some of the search terms by which people found my blog, and probably wished they hadn’t. yoshi and mario and luigi babys metis getting swallowed yoshi’s brothers kid cartoon of a green slimy monster spear warrior cartoon images … Continue reading

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You Can’t Teach an Old Dogma New Tricks

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about ancient Mormon jerk Boyd K. “Fudge” Packer giving a sermon against homosexuality shortly after some boys were bullied into committing suicide for being gay. It’s okay, Grandpa Boyd. If you just lie down … Continue reading

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Bend It Like Glenn Beck

I’ve heard rumblings that some members of the Religious Right are peeved at Glenn Beck’s assuming the position of a conservative religious leader when he’s a Mormon. After all, Mormons believe something slightly different about their wrathful, bloodthirsty deity than … Continue reading

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Restoring Horror

I thought Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally yesterday would be good for either a few laughs or some righteous anger, but from what I’ve seen of it, it’s mostly just boring. To even call it a rally is pitching it … Continue reading

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Party Down

I love when I hear that people are annoyed that Obama hasn’t done enough about the unemployment rate, so they want to vote Republican in the next election. I’m also irritated at Obama’s reluctance to do anything, but when have … Continue reading

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Whither Eden?

It’s common in mythology for people to consider nearby locations to be the center of the world and/or the first place to be created. Egyptian mythology, for instance, cites several different cities in Egypt as where land first emerged from … Continue reading

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