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Save Our Symbols

I’ve recently heard about white supremacist groups co-opting the A-OK finger symbol, which hardly seems fair to the rest of us. If they want to steal it, why should they just be able to get away with it? We can’t … Continue reading

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When I Get to the Bottom, I Go Back to the Top of the Slide

I recently saw an update from Amanda Palmer where she mentioned playing Snakes and Ladders with her son, apparently what you do when your husband leaves you in the middle of a pandemic, or something. But what I actually wanted … Continue reading

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I Have Seen the Face of God, and I Have Dearly Paid

The last proper studio album released by Frank Black with the Catholics was Show Me Your Tears from 2003. Released around when the artist was in the process of divorcing his first wife, the title allegedly coming from his therapist’s … Continue reading

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You’re a Rich God, and You’ve Gone Too Far

One interesting Twitter feed to which I subscribe is Godchecker, which features humorous but generally accurate information on many different deities. The site’s creator has a book out, which I don’t own, but I’d like to. Anyway, a few days … Continue reading

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That’s the Jaina Blues

Getting back to some older religions, we might as well take a quick look at Jainism, which is sort of a more extreme offshoot of Hinduism, but not exactly. Jainists do not believe in a creator god, but they do … Continue reading

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