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For You to Know and Me to Find Out

While looking up information on Martin Gardner earlier this year, I noticed that one of his Mathematical Games columns in Scientific American was about a game called Eleusis. While I can’t find his article, at least not in any format … Continue reading

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Gone Baptizin’

While the practice of baptism by water is obviously associated with Christianity, it predates that religion by some time. I guess it would pretty much have to, since Jesus himself was baptized by John the Baptist, and there was no … Continue reading

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What’s in Hubbard’s Cupboard?

If you haven’t yet, you probably should read The New Yorker‘s recent exposé on Scientology, which focuses on former member Paul Haggis, a writer and director. Scientology has a reputation of being really frightening, and I’m inclined to think the … Continue reading

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Unsolved Mystery Religions

I just finished reading the book The Jesus Mysteries, by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. The book’s main idea, which I’d come across before, is that Christianity is essentially a Jewish version of the mystery religions that were popular in … Continue reading

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