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The Devil’s Busy Decade

I had heard of the phrase “Satanic panic” before (hey, it’s very catchy), and had some idea of what it entailed, but I thought it was worth looking into a little more. While there are many components, the phrase largely … Continue reading

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Good Gods and Bad Gods

I don’t think people typically worship gods they think of as evil. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, just that it doesn’t seem to be the basis of any major religion. What does happen is that societies will demonize … Continue reading

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A Bold Gain for the Forces of Evil

Every once in a while, some rumor begins circulating about a connection between a well-known company and the forces of evil. As tempting as it is to believe such things, they’re usually based on the notion of hidden clues, which … Continue reading

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Want to Worship at the Church of Satan

No, I don’t want to worship at the Church of Satan, but apparently a fair number of people do. It’s not a particularly big organization, but it is recognized by governments and such. Satanism is actually a fairly diverse group … Continue reading

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