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My God Can Beat Up Your God

I can’t remember how I was originally signed up for Quora, but I do find it interesting to read some of the answers, especially about mythology. Like much of the Internet, answers are from both experts and people who are just … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Busy Decade

I had heard of the phrase “Satanic panic” before (hey, it’s very catchy), and had some idea of what it entailed, but I thought it was worth looking into a little more. While there are many components, the phrase largely … Continue reading

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Give Me That Old Norse Religion

While polytheistic religion is a definite minority nowadays, you can probably find groups and individuals worshipping any god or group of gods if you look hard enough. Worship of the old Norse pantheon is known as Asatru, or worship of … Continue reading

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Battle of the Outmoded Supernatural Beliefs

I found this article on minority religion in the United States to be interesting, and a bit troubling. One thing that particularly struck me was the discussion of the San Francisco peaks, which are sacred to several Native American tribes, … Continue reading

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Darn It to Hecate

I’d been meaning to write about Hecate for a while now, so since it’s about time for a mythology post, how about now? Perhaps my earliest source for the names and functions of the gods was an old encyclopedia that … Continue reading

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The Wicca Warehouse

While at least ostensibly blamed on age-old practices of witchcraft, Wicca really only emerged as a religion unto itself in the twentieth century. The movement seems to have first gained prominence in the United Kingdom, which is probably part of … Continue reading

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Witches in Washington

Hey, Christine O’Donnell isn’t a witch! I guess I have to withdraw my support for her now. I was going to campaign for her because I thought her turning the other Senators into weasels would make C-SPAN much more entertaining. … Continue reading

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