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Church of the Assumption

I have to say I have trouble understanding arguments like these that totally misrepresent scientific theories. Sure, if you want to really simplify things, elements forged by stars eventually formed themselves into planets and other matter, which would include dinosaurs. … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Fundamentalist Kind

You may have heard about Ark Encounter, the replica of Noah’s Ark that was built in Kentucky. This was the brainchild of Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and an Australian creationist, like Ray Comfort. So they believe the … Continue reading

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You’re an Animal, Too

One argument I occasionally hear in favor of God and against the scientific theories about the development of the universe and of life (which are, of course, two completely different things anyway) is that our world couldn’t have just come … Continue reading

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You Can’t Use Facts to Prove Anything That’s Even Remotely True

This National Geographic article on science denial brought up some points I consider on occasion. It’s strange how some aspects of science have become so political, with global warming and evolution especially being viewed as left-wing concerns. Oddly, the anti-vaccination … Continue reading

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Ham on Nye

So, there was a lot of talk about the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham last night. I’ve already discussed my issues with Creationism many times, and these debates never really amount to anything. At least this one remained … Continue reading

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I’m Only Humanoid

Why do so many stories about life on other planets have the aliens looking like humans? Part of it has to do with the limitations on costumes in alien movies, but I think there’s more to it than that. Humans … Continue reading

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A Dogma in the Fight

Do science and religion contradict each other? On the face of it, I’d say no. Science is a way of finding out about how the world operates through observation and experimentation, and religion is a belief that the universe is … Continue reading

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