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We’re Sunk

The King in Yellow, by Robert Chambers – This Gothic horror story from the 1890s is largely notable for being incorporated into H.P. Lovecraft’s mythology. The title is that of a play that exists within the universe of the book, but … Continue reading

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Too Much Malarkey

I watched the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden last night, so I might as well comment on that and related political issues. Do people really change their minds about whom to vote for based on debates? It’s not … Continue reading

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Foresight Is 2020

2020 always just sounded so far in the future when I was a kid. Really, even 2000 still had a bit of awe-inspiring mysticism about it, but I remember most of my childhood interest in a science fiction sort of … Continue reading

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The Beliefs Are Falling

I’ve written before about anti-science conspiracy theories before, and I touched on their connection to religion, but it still sometimes confuses me. I mean, Alex Jones apparently considers himself a Christian. I missed the parts of the Bible about goblins … Continue reading

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You Can’t Use Facts to Prove Anything That’s Even Remotely True

This National Geographic article on science denial brought up some points I consider on occasion. It’s strange how some aspects of science have become so political, with global warming and evolution especially being viewed as left-wing concerns. Oddly, the anti-vaccination … Continue reading

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Season Cycle Moving Round and Round

Yesterday was the vernal equinox, and hence the official start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, at least according to a lot of calendars. Mind you, since temperatures have been fluctuating wildly in these parts as of late, it’s hard … Continue reading

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Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth

It’s Earth Day, the celebration of the planet that’s just the right distance from the sun to support life. Some people cite this phenomenon as proof that God exists, but if that’s the case, why did He create so many … Continue reading

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Divine Warming

Remember when Congressman John Shimkus proved himself to be just as dumb as his name sounds, and said that the world when end when God wants it to, and not because of global warming? Well, apparently at least one other … Continue reading

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Global Warming (It’s Hot!)

Wow, there’s an entire blog devoted to comics based on misunderstanding of global warming. Cartoonists, you DO know that global warming can actually result in MORE snow, right? Besides, it’s not LOCAL warming, so the fact that it’s colder than … Continue reading

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