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Tempted by the Fruit of Another Mother

It recently surfaced (or resurfaced, anyway) that Mike Pence, infamous bigoted scumbag and Vice President of the United States (in that order, I assume), refuses to dine with a woman unless his wife is present. Actually, the wording I’ve seen … Continue reading

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I Want Adventure in the Great Live Action

Beauty and the Beast (2017) – Disney remaking their animated classics in live action seems to have become a thing, and with no end in sight. I can’t really say I see the point, and this is the first one … Continue reading

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Priestesses and Prostitutes

One rather controversial idea presented in a book I read recently was that temple prostitution didn’t actually exist. I’m not sure if she was referring just to the Arabian Peninsula, or proposing that it didn’t happen anywhere. There’s apparently a … Continue reading

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Foul Temptress! I’ll Bet She Thinks Ziggy’s Gotten Too Preachy, Too!

Something I’ve come across several times is that of Christians, usually of the strict fundamentalist variety, insisting that they’re surrounded by temptation. I’m not saying temptation isn’t a real thing, but painting it as some kind Satanic conspiracy against the … Continue reading

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You Know What They Say About Guys with Big Blogs

I know Donald Trump and Marco Rubio discussing penis size at a debate is old news now, but it bothered me for more reasons than just the obvious one that it was crass, and I’m going to try to put … Continue reading

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Every Disability Conceals a Vocation, Except the Ones That Don’t

While reading Ana Mardoll’s deconstruction of the Chronicles of Narnia, I came across this quote by a moderator who goes by Chris the Cynic, which I felt was worth sharing: During my insomnia last night I watched the movie Wreck … Continue reading

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Last Jerkass Standing

Why do Republican primaries always seem to be contests as to who can be the biggest jerk? Not that I think Democratic politicians are altruistic, but they at least pretend to care. With Republicans, it’s all about how much they … Continue reading

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