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Shock and Awfulness

These days, it seems like people are always outraged about something. Well, I say “these days,” but I’m sure it’s pretty much a constant. Still, the rabble had just gotten over Kathy Griffin holding Donald Trump’s disembodied head before we … Continue reading

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You May Find Important Pieces Gone

Cautionary tales to try to convince children to behave seem to be pretty much universal, even though it’s quite possible they do more harm than good. I’ve written before about boogeyman legends, and along much the same lines is the … Continue reading

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Not Cool Enough for School

Last night’s Family Guy was about the anti-vaccination movement, which I’ve written a bit about before. That isn’t what this post is about, but it’s interesting in that it has supporters from both sides of the political spectrum. I was … Continue reading

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The Griffins Meet the Simpsons

I suppose I might as well take a look at the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover, since I do still watch both shows. It was pretty heavily built up for something that probably would have gone over much better years ago. It … Continue reading

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Dog Gone

Family Guy seems to have received a fair amount of attention recently for the death and resurrection of Brian, which I’m sure is what the creators were looking for. This article on the subject claims that “the decision [to kill … Continue reading

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