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Nobody Cares Like a Bear

The Care Bears were a line of characters originally created for greeting cards, which was kind of a thing at the time. That also happened with Strawberry Shortcake, the Popples, and Rainbow Brite, among others. They’re sort of teddy bears … Continue reading

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Woody’s Roundup

Toy Story 2 – The sequel to Pixar’s first full-length film delves a little deeper into the world of sentient toys, reflecting on the relationship between toys and their owners, and bringing the theme of space toys replacing western ones … Continue reading

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The Toys Are Back in Town

Toy Story – I believe this was the first fully computer-animated movie, which was a big deal at the time. I saw it at the movies when it was new, and hadn’t actually watched it again until last night. The … Continue reading

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Flying Down to Sanrio

What, Hello Kitty isn’t a cat? Instead, she’s a little English girl who looks like a cat. I have to wonder what kind of interbreeding went on in her family. Actually, according to the Wikipedia article, a Sanrio spokesperson later … Continue reading

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Looking Out Across Our Lego Land

The Lego Movie – There really seems to be a trend in the past few years to make Lego everything. The Simpsons recently did a Lego-themed episode, and there are all kinds of video games like Lego Star Wars. I … Continue reading

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Skeptics for Santa

I occasionally hear people discussing when they or their kids stopped believing in Santa Claus, and I can’t say I recall ever believing as such. I guess my parents just didn’t try to sell the Santa myth, although they DID … Continue reading

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Robot Jesus Died for Your Syntax Errors

Having recently finished Robert Rankin’s The Mechanical Messiah and Other Marvels of the Modern Age, I wondered if the aspect mentioned in the title is based on anything real, or at least some other work of fiction. Turns out that, … Continue reading

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