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Dig Dug Divorce

You know about Dig Dug, right? If not, I wrote a bit of an overview on it before. It has creative gameplay, featuring a hero who digs tunnels and inflates enemies with an air pump. While the hero was simply … Continue reading

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Expanding Game Worlds

I’ve long had somewhat of an affinity for media based on video games, even though most of them aren’t really that good. I grew up on the Super Mario Bros. cartoons and Choose Your Own Adventure style books, and read … Continue reading

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Conquering Evil with Cuteness

Is everybody ready for me to discuss a video game I haven’t actually played? In this case, it’s Devil World, a 1984 Famicom game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. While there was a European version, it was never released in North … Continue reading

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On Board with Video Games

As I mentioned in my last post, there is a board game of Jungle Hunt, and that’s hardly the only popular video game to undergo the transition. Indeed, back in the 1980s, these games apparently sold well enough for game … Continue reading

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One Game at a Time

I already reviewed Wreck-It Ralph two years ago when it was new, but I watched it again a few days ago, and have a few additional thoughts on it. First of all, I reported misinformation in the earlier post. Apparently … Continue reading

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Hangin’ with Ben Cooper

My wife has recently been obsessed by crappy Halloween costumes, and I figured that might be a decent subject for a post. Perhaps the most famous manufacturer of such costumes was Ben Cooper, Inc., a company that started out making … Continue reading

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Careful What You Pac

In honor of Pac-Man’s thirty-second anniversary (the game came out on 22 May 1980), I come bearing Pac-Man trivia. The game is known in Japan as Pakkuman, with “pakkun” meaning ” to eat whole,” based on the onomatopoeia for opening … Continue reading

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