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You Always Lose with Impundulus

I’ve written a bit about thunderbirds before, but I’ve only recently come across their African counterparts, lightning birds. They’re part of Zulu, Pondo, and Xhosa culture; and beliefs about them vary somewhat. The most common name for the bird seems … Continue reading

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Conquering Evil with Cuteness

Is everybody ready for me to discuss a video game I haven’t actually played? In this case, it’s Devil World, a 1984 Famicom game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. While there was a European version, it was never released in North … Continue reading

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Thunderbolt and Lightning, Very Very Frightening Me

One god I’ve been meaning to look at for a while is the Japanese Raijin, a thunder deity. It’s interesting that we tend to use the term “thunder god” (the literal meaning of the name Raijin) even though it’s the … Continue reading

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Care of Magical Creatures

One question that I see occasionally is whether all the animals on the Pokémon world are considered Pokémon, or just some of them. This page lists some non-Pokémon animals. For example, the Pokédex entry for a Gastly says it can … Continue reading

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The World Is One Big Pokéball

I’ve never been a big fan of Pokémon, but I like it all right, and I did play Pokémon Yellow about ten years ago. I remember being somewhat surprised to see Lieutenant Surge being referred to as “the Lightning American” … Continue reading

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We Eat Your Dreams

The baku is basically a creature from Chinese and Japanese mythology that feeds on dreams. Despite this odd habit, and sometimes because of it, they’re generally considered to be helpful. A baku, when summoned through such means as a drawing … Continue reading

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Tree, Tree, Tree

Picture by Robert Engels While many myths have the first humans created out of dirt or clay, there are other substances that some cultures considered to have been the source of mankind. In Norse mythology, the first two humans were … Continue reading

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