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No Guests Like Gnomes for the Holidays

I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone else who’s played the Sims games that they’re incredibly addictive and time-consuming. I’ll generally set goals for when I’ll take a break or at least switch households, but then I often find … Continue reading

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Back to the Labyrinth Again

Etrian Odyssey – I know they did a remake of this a few years back, but I just started playing the original, which I’ve had for a while now. It’s an old-school sort of dungeon crawler in many ways, at … Continue reading

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It Don’t Feel Much Like a Home Without a Dog (or Cat)

The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs – I’ve gotten the expansion pack that lets you have pets in all four Sims games. While I don’t necessarily get pets for every active household, I do for many, as it just seems … Continue reading

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The Game Name

It’s good to know I’m not the only one who gets a bit stressed when trying to name a video game character. I guess it’s a little weird as I’ve always enjoyed making up character names, but at least there … Continue reading

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Lode Runner, Lode Runner, Going Faster Miles an Hour

In this post, I intend to address some connections between video games, many of which I haven’t actually played. I do remember playing Lode Runner on the Apple II in my elementary school days, though. You run around mazes and … Continue reading

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Achieving Simmortality

I usually try to keep my Sims living as long as possible. I mean, I made the effort in creating them, after all. The Sims games all include ways to cheat death, although they’re not all equally effective. In the … Continue reading

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They’ll Never Stop the Sims

I recently had a desire to play some Sims, but The Sims 3 was having problems. It took hours to load, and when it did it tended to crash after I only played it for a little while. I tried … Continue reading

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Learning to Dungeon Crawl

I’ve written before about how role-playing video games don’t necessarily let you play a role, mostly due to programming limitations. This article made me think of the topic again, and I get the impression that they’re mostly just role-playing games … Continue reading

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Set Your Watch for Sim Time

I’ve been playing a bit of Sims 3 as of late, experimenting with the University Life expansion pack. Yeah, I know Sims 4 is out now, but it doesn’t look to be much of an improvement, and is apparently a … Continue reading

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Game Time

I’ve recently been looking at TV Tropes, which everyone says is an addicting website, and they’re right. One entry that particularly caught my eye is the one on Video Game Time, explaining how distorted the conception of time can be … Continue reading

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