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All Gods Are Bastards

Here are some thoughts on a few books I’ve read recently. I’ve been patronizing the library quite a bit as of late, and their eBook system is pretty convenient. The thing I’m not keen on when it comes to their … Continue reading

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I’m Friends with the Monster

Gil’s All Fright Diner, by A. Lee Martinez – I’d read his Divine Misfortune and thought it was pretty good, so I decided to check out his first novel. It’s a fantasy horror comedy, basically, featuring two good old boys … Continue reading

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Hope Is the Snake with Feathers

While it’s a little difficult to tell for sure, as Google sometimes refuses to turn up posts that I know I made and the LiveJournal search function is worthless, I don’t think I’ve ever actually devoted a post to Quetzalcoatl … Continue reading

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Reciprocal Religion

Divine Misfortune, by A. Lee Martinez – I’ve thought before about the idea of religion as sort of a business arrangement, with humans providing tribute and worship to a god, and that deity in turn helping out the worshippers. It’s … Continue reading

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