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Rat Cake, Rat Sorbet, Rat Pudding, or Strawberry Tart

Ratatouille – I haven’t watched a Pixar movie in a while, but I do still intend to get to all of them someday. This one was a bit of departure in terms of style and such, but it had some … Continue reading

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Super-Duper Superficial

I’m inclined to think that, as humans, we all have somewhat of a tendency to be superficial. It’s not fair, but it’s incredibly common. What I’m particularly interested in here, however, is how people will mix superficial complaints in with … Continue reading

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Accent Prone

Image Source One thing I’ve occasionally wondered is how much people notice their own accents. I’ve lived in both southern and northern New Jersey, and people in the former would add an E sound to words with an “ow” sound … Continue reading

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