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Hello, Chloe, What Do You Knowy?

Chloe – SPOILERS! I put this on the Netflix queue years ago, and I’m not sure I remember why. I think it was mostly just that I was interested in Amanda Seyfried, and someone told me this was a good … Continue reading

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Here I Go Again

Mamma Mia! – There’s been a trend in the last several years to create musicals out of the songs of a pop artist or band. I guess that way they don’t have to hire songwriters AND people are guaranteed to … Continue reading

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You May Leave School But It Never Leaves You

I watched Mean Girls last night, and thought it was good overall, but kind of went all over the place toward the end. At first it struck me as being like Heathers without the murder, but it deviated from that … Continue reading

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You’re Everything a Big Bad Wolf Could Want

I doubt I’ll be seeing the upcoming Little Red Riding Hood movie, despite the general cuteness of Amanda Seyfried. The idea of making the classic fairy tale into a thriller is an interesting one, but I’m not sure I trust … Continue reading

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