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Getting Off the Tract

Holy Faceless God, Jack Chick died yesterday. Hey, isn’t that the day Bishop James Ussher claimed the world began in 4004 BC? I don’t know whether modern Young Earth Creationists still accept that date, but it still seems appropriate. You’ve … Continue reading

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Bible Buffet

I have somewhat mixed feelings on the idea what might be considered salad bar religions, where adherents take a bit of this and that and mix them to taste. Neo-pagan religions are probably the best example, but they’re certainly not … Continue reading

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Tempting Faith

To my mind, a skeptical or rational viewpoint (using these terms fairly loosely) involves not only refusing to automatically accept anything out of hand, but also not immediately rejecting anything. That’s not to say that all things are equal, however. … Continue reading

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Skeptics for Santa

I occasionally hear people discussing when they or their kids stopped believing in Santa Claus, and I can’t say I recall ever believing as such. I guess my parents just didn’t try to sell the Santa myth, although they DID … Continue reading

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Stereotype of the Stubborn Skeptic

I mentioned while talking about Once Upon a Time that the protagonist, Emma Swan, was yet another skeptic who wouldn’t believe what was in front of her face until something major happened. This is a pretty common trope, with the … Continue reading

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Jesus Died for YOU (But Not You, Personally)

Since it’s Sunday (okay, it’s Monday, but close enough), I figured I might as well write about a few things that I fail to understand about Christianity. One is the idea of free will. Not that I don’t BELIEVE in … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess Around, Don’t Complicate, Don’t Interrupt My Spirituality

One religious argument I hear from time to time is that people have God-shaped holes in their lives, and if they don’t follow a religion (usually the one that whatever person is making the argument believes), they’ll try to fill … Continue reading

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