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Now I Eat Humble Pie

Beth and I watched last week’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher last night. I sometimes think we should just skip them if we miss them, since they’re related to current events, but Beth likes to be caught up … Continue reading

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Rebel Without a Cosby

Bill Cosby is not as his most popular right now. Not only does he appear to be a serial rapist, but I have no evidence that he’s at all remorseful about it. Even just looking at his comedy, though, I … Continue reading

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Meat, Mazes, and Math

Just a few miscellaneous movie reviews this time: Leonard Part 6 – We all know by now that Bill Cosby is not just a rapist but also a major hypocrite, telling everyone else how they should act when he’s being … Continue reading

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Grave Duggars

From what I understand, Mike Huckabee has taken a break from trashing Beyoncé to explain that he stands behind the Duggars after it was revealed that Joshua sexually molested several girls, including his sisters. I guess wearing revealing outfits while … Continue reading

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