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This Gravity Is Feeling Like a Tether

I’ve already done song-by-song reviews of the back catalogs of They Might Be Giants, XTC, and “Weird Al” Yankovic. They’ve been pretty enjoyable, if it’s sometimes a little difficult to say something about every song. I probably couldn’t do that … Continue reading

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Me and Charles Manson Like the Same Ice Cream

I found this post from Alan Cook to be rather interesting. It’s about how Charles Manson interpreted the lyrics from the Beatles’ white album to be about a coming race war, somehow also tied in with the Second Coming. “Helter … Continue reading

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One Ponders Layers and Layers and Layers

Not surprisingly, Newt Gingrich’s supposed plans for a moon base resulted in several comments from science fiction writers and space buffs, which is perhaps what Newt was hoping for in the first place. Perhaps the opinions of actual scientists would … Continue reading

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Being Just Contaminates the Void

All right, it’s time for a few music reviews. Paley & Francis – The newest album from the highly prolific Black Francis (AKA Frank Black) has him collaborating with long-time friend Reid Paley. I actually saw Paley open for Frank … Continue reading

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City Bus Rules!

Black Francis, Abbabubba – This B-side collection is fairly standard for such records, including some really good songs that didn’t really fit on albums, some stuff that you can see why it didn’t make it to an album, and some … Continue reading

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Black Francis, The Golem – I’m not too keen on the “hardest-working person” title, but it definitely seems like Charles Thompson (AKA Black Francis, AKA Frank Black) is pretty far up there. He’s quite eclectic, too, with a project he … Continue reading

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I want to dedicate this post now to the undisputed queen and kings of the back beat, Terri and the Possibilities

Here are three new album reviews for you good people. And bad people, for that matter. Black Francis, NonStopErotik – I actually didn’t know about this album until seeing it in a music store this week. I remember reading on … Continue reading

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