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Skeptic Tank

The Apple Dumpling Gang – It seems like I saw advertisements for this one on a bunch of other Disney videos when I was a kid, but I never saw the movie itself. There was also this Paul F. Tompkins … Continue reading

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I’ll Be a Dirty Word

This article that I discussed in an earlier post touches on a subject I thought might be worth another post, which is that of Penn Jillette referring to women as “cunts” on social media. I generally like Penn, but I … Continue reading

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All-Night Sucker

While writing an Oz story that featured two characters who kept goats, I decided to stick in a brief appearance by a chupacabra. The name literally means “goat-sucker,” and they’re a sort of vampiric animal allegedly native to Central America … Continue reading

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Feng Shui Follies

It seems like, a few years ago, Feng Shui was all the rage among New Age practitioners and people wanting to make a quick buck. If you rearranged your furniture properly, it would result in good fortune, or something like … Continue reading

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Turning Over a New Belief

Recently, Bill Maher did a bit on Real Time about what he called “smart stupid people,” those who had advanced degrees but still believed bizarre, irrational ideas. His main example was the neurosurgeon who wrote about a visit to Heaven; … Continue reading

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My Cupp Runneth Over

I looked on RationalWiki the other day for some information on Kent Hovind, and I got caught up in reading other articles on there. While I don’t know that I’m that keen on the name (everyone wants to think they’re … Continue reading

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