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Revisiting Retail

Appropriately for this time of year, I’ve been thinking a bit about shopping. For the most part, I’ve never particularly enjoyed it, unless it’s for something fun. I used to love browsing at book and music stores, and while those … Continue reading

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Let There Be Jobs

I found a link on Twitter to this article, which raises some points I’ve thought about before, and also some others I hadn’t really. I’ve considered before the possibility that there just aren’t enough jobs to go around in the … Continue reading

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Trumped-Up Trickle-Down

I watched the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last night, and it was both entertaining and terrifying. Do these debates ever actually change anybody’s mind, or do viewers just want to see the person they don’t like … Continue reading

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Hey Nude

It’s been in the news recently that some topless women in Times Square, who pose for pictures with tourists in exchange for money, are causing a lot of consternation. I find it rather depressing that this is still such an … Continue reading

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Well, It’s a Paradigm Shift Now

Are you all ready for some Mandatory Fun? “Weird Al” Yankovic’s fourteenth album just came out this week, and he says there’s a good chance it will be his last physical record. That’s not to say he’s retiring, just seriously … Continue reading

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Run Romney Run

So, Mitt Romney apparently has a plan to put the country back to work, despite being known for gutting companies and firing people. Why do I have the feeling that it involves deregulation and letting corporations do whatever they want, … Continue reading

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Poverty to the People

I came across this quote from Margaret Thatcher on Tumblr today, and I have to it sounds like the Iron Lady (called such because that was her favorite token in Monopoly) has it backwards. Isn’t socialism, which at its heart … Continue reading

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Small Business Blues

I guess there really isn’t any need to get into how achieving the American Dream is an impossible goal for a good many Americans, considering that the playing field is not at all level. There’s another aspect to this that … Continue reading

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Boo to the Business World

One thing I find annoying is when people suggest that the government should be run more like a business. In my mind, it’s already run too much like one, in that it’s full of people more concerned with short-term personal … Continue reading

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