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The Belmont Stakes

Speaking of simple Simons as I was a few days ago, how about Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series? Okay, the games don’t show him as simple, but his portrayal on Captain N made him totally arrogant and narcissistic, and … Continue reading

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Dalton Fink

Anyone else who reads Captain SNES will have noticed that Dalton from Chrono Trigger recently made an appearance, and I thought he might be an interesting enough character to use as the focus of a post. Dalton is the head … Continue reading

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To Beat the Unbeatable Game

I was thinking recently about the concept of unwinnable video games, and whether there were any. I believe that, at the time, I had noticed a Franz Kafka book at the library, and thought that a game based on a … Continue reading

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What’s in a Namesake?

One comic I’ve been reading recently is Namesake, which I learned about because one of its creators, Isabelle, replied to some of my posts on an Oz community on LiveJournal. The premise behind the comic is that Namesakes are people … Continue reading

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Getting Into Nintendo

I’m not sure how I first discovered the online sprite comic Captain SNES, but I think it was through a Google search. At first I thought it to be a simple parody of Captain N, which is fine, as I … Continue reading

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The Game Has Culture References

One thing I was thinking of mentioning in last week’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles post was other video games that reference the Turtles, but I figured the post was long enough without that. One game that immediately came to mind … Continue reading

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He’s a Magus Man

After writing about Frog last week, I felt the desire to turn to another Chrono Trigger character, this time the brooding and mysterious Magus. In the year 600 of the Kingdom of Guardia, this man led an army of monstrous … Continue reading

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