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Capturing Lightning McQueen in a Bottle

Cars 3 – Beth and I have been trying to make it through all the Pixar movies, but both of us found this series pretty boring. It was obviously popular since they made three of them, but I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Vehicular Film Slaughter

Cars 2 – The first movie was about NASCAR racing, so this one is about international espionage. Makes sense. Okay, I guess it sort of does, since the spy genre often involves souped-up cars. But it doesn’t make for a … Continue reading

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If Gasoline Is Their Food, Then Why Do They Have Teeth?

This weekend, we watched two very different movies, which happened to be the ones we had out from Netflix. Sophie’s Choice – Beth has looked for recommendations on movies that are total downers. I’m generally more into fiction that’s more … Continue reading

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Vehicular Mario

I’ve been thinking of writing a post about vehicles in the Mario games, but I soon came to the conclusion it was difficult to determine exactly what counted. If you wanted to, you could technically count anything from the moving … Continue reading

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Where You’re the Doctor

Since it’s Game Day, here’s a post on another game, specifically Operation. You might well remember this game from your childhood. I do, anyway. It was invented in the sixties by an industrial design student named John Spinello. Hasbro has … Continue reading

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