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Sorta Fairytales

Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked: Sex, Morality, and the Evolution of a Fairy Tale, by Catherine Orenstein – An in-depth analysis of a fairly simple fairy tale, focusing largely on how it changed over time. Some analysts have placed a … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Dream

It’s been some time since my last post on a Disney movie. Blame my wife, who’s been busy doing such things as working. Anyway, at long last, here’s Sleeping Beauty, from 1959. The most noticeable thing about this film is … Continue reading

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We finally got around to Cinderella this evening. I know this was one of Walt Disney’s own favorites (if not his overall favorite), and I really can’t say I’ve heard of anyone NOT liking it. Like Snow White, it uses … Continue reading

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The Cat Makes the Man

There are many different stories of intelligent and resourceful animals that manage to elevate otherwise hopeless humans to fame and fortune. I remember an African tale from one of Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books in which the animal helper was a … Continue reading

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My Mother, the Goose

While the name “Mother Goose” is now most closely associated with nursery rhymes, it was originally fairy tales that were attributed to the mysterious personage. While Charles Perrault’s 1695 book of fairy tales was properly called Histoires ou contes du … Continue reading

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Hiding in an Ass’s Hide

Picture by Cathy Delanssay This week’s fairy tale is one I just recently read, “Donkeyskin,” a story of attempted incestuous rape and a donkey that craps out gold coins. There are actually several varieties on this tale, with different cultures … Continue reading

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Bluebeard Stabbing in the Dead of Night

Not all stories that get lumped under the fairy tale umbrella (didn’t Mary Poppins have one of those?) necessarily contain magic and supernatural happenings. One of the stories in Charles Perrault’s collection, for instance, was a tale of a woman … Continue reading

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