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Holy Hatred

I guess I’m a little late in talking about the GoFundMe campaign for the anti-gay pizza parlor in Indiana, but I was thinking this morning about how that might piss me off even more than the owners’ homophobia. It’s like … Continue reading

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Another Corporate Nightmare

I guess I’m addressing the Supreme Court decision about Hobby Lobby a little late in the game, but hey, I’ve been away from my computer for a while. Besides, I think I already covered it pretty well back in March. … Continue reading

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I Should Be Allowed to Shoot My Mouth Off

In response to the Chick-fil-A issue, SamuraiFrog pointed out that they were hardly the only corporation giving money to anti-gay or otherwise hateful causes. I think what really gets people about Chick-fil-A, or at least what really got ME about … Continue reading

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