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You Always Hurt the One You Love

Beth sent me a link to this post the other day, and there’s also been a lot of talk about the football player who got in trouble for hitting his kid. I can’t say I’m totally decided on whether corporal … Continue reading

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But We Think That We’re Above the Pigs, Sheep, Cows

Looks like Pope Francis, while pretty liberal in some areas, thinks it’s terrible when people don’t have children. I have to say the insistence of some religions on being fruitful and multiplying strikes me as a bit out of date. … Continue reading

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Having Your Kids and Eating Them Too

One argument I’ve come across from time to time and never understood is that it’s selfish not to have children. You know what could actually be considered selfish in this respect? If it were the role of an entire community … Continue reading

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The Parent Crap

I am not someone who has ever wanted to have children, and I feel that this is quite unusual. It seems that most of the people I knew from college now have kids, and part of me wonders why. The … Continue reading

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