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Douglas Fir Give Me Heartburn

It’s just a few more days until Christmas, so I might as well do a run-down of some of the holiday media I’ve consumed. I’d seen all of these previously, but not that recently, and I don’t think I’d written … Continue reading

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One True Parody

In a recent NPR interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic, he responds to a question about Cookie Monster‘s parody of “Call Me Maybe” with “Yeah, Cookie Monster is my No. 1 competition right now.” Apparently he’s forgetting that Cookie Monster did … Continue reading

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The Jazz Owl

Seeing as how I’ve written about owls and Sesame Street this week, I might as well include another post about Hoots the Owl, Sesame Street’s resident jazz musician. This saxophone-playing owl first appeared on the show in 1985, and is … Continue reading

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The Hungry History of Cookie Monster

We all know about Cookie Monster, that googly-eyed gluttonous gobbler of glutenous treats, originator of the onomotopoeia “om nom nom” (it always sounded more to me like “arum-rum-rum” when I was a kid, but what do I know?), and contrary … Continue reading

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