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Erlik to Bed, Erlik to Rise

I can’t say I’ve ever come across that much from what Is known as Altaic mythology, which encompasses the beliefs of people from Turkey, Mongolia, and Siberia. Some of it seems to have spread into Finland as well. The evil … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Pangu

There are several different Chinese creation myths, but there seems to be a general theme of the universe coming into existence without help from an intelligent being. Some of the popular ones involve a being called Pangu, who hatched from … Continue reading

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My Creator Is an Alien

In the comments for this post, a fundamentalist Christian said something about Richard Dawkins believing in alien creators. I think this might be what the guy was talking about. I’m not all that keen on the god-like alien idea, but … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning

It seems to be a pretty common assumption among the religious faithful of today that God created the universe. This is by no means a given, however, nor is it the case in some of the better-known pre-Christian mythologies. In … Continue reading

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The Further Adventures of Prometheus

Picture by Heinrich Fueger I know I’ve written about Prometheus (and his dim-witted brother Epimetheus) before, most notably here, but I can’t help but feel their role in Greek mythology deserves some more attention. The earlier post focused on Prometheus’ … Continue reading

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Solar Semen in the Sahara

As I’ve been reading a few books recently that deal with Egyptian mythology, I figure it’s a good time to write a post on this subject. I’ve addressed aspects of Egyptian mythology before, but have not yet gone back to … Continue reading

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