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Let’s Get Dangerous

Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns – From what I’ve read, this comic was fully intended as a somewhat nostalgic project, geared toward people who watched the cartoon growing up. It uses the cliché of the superhero coming back onto … Continue reading

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Calisota, Here We Come

As I just read some of Carl Barks’s Duck comics and I have an interest in locating fictional places, let’s take a look at Donald Duck’s hometown. While Barks originally claimed his hometown was Burbank, where the Disney Studios are … Continue reading

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When Bears Fly

Since I watched The Jungle Book recently, that got me thinking about how weird the concept for TaleSpin was. It’s like, “Hey, remember that bear who sang about picking paw-paws and eating ants? Now he’s a pilot!” I seem to … Continue reading

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