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Gabbin’ About Gabooches

The Gabooches are characters in John R. Neill’s Lucky Bucky in Oz, but it’s not entirely clear what a Gabooch actually is. They first show up when Bucky throws enchanted doorknobs at the Nomes, and they promptly turn into four … Continue reading

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Mr. Jones Is Down at the Bar, Sir

It’s obvious that the Davy Jones from the Nonestic Ocean is named after the famed Davy Jones’ Locker, and I suppose one of the closets or the sea chest in the wooden whale’s cabin could probably count as a locker. … Continue reading

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All’s Whale That Ends Whale

One of my favorite John R. Neill creations is Davy Jones, a wooden whale who is a seagoing vessel unto himself. I already wrote a little about him here, but…well, I’d say I barely scratched the surface, but that’s not … Continue reading

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