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Kondo for Sale

Someone recently posted this article in response to a mention of Marie Kondo on Facebook, and I had a few thoughts regarding it. Especially with what’s going on the government these days, it’s probably never a good idea to outright … Continue reading

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You Can’t Use Facts to Prove Anything That’s Even Remotely True

This National Geographic article on science denial brought up some points I consider on occasion. It’s strange how some aspects of science have become so political, with global warming and evolution especially being viewed as left-wing concerns. Oddly, the anti-vaccination … Continue reading

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Clothes for Clods

I’m not sure why these quotes from Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries from 2006 are making the rounds on Facebook now, but as far as I know he still holds to them. So apparently girls above a size ten … Continue reading

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