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Brainwashing Your Sins Away

Kidnapped for Christ – We watched this documentary last night mostly because Beth was struck by the title while browsing the premium channel listings. The cable package we got allows us to get those channels for a limited period of … Continue reading

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The Moral Majority Is Neither

I’ve recently come across a few links to a Politico article on the origins of the Religious Right, which was a quite interesting read. The main point is that, while it’s commonly said that Roe v. Wade was what inspired … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Jesus Have Enough Holidays Already?

The anti-Halloween crowd is at it again, this time trying to replace Halloween with JesusWeen. JesusWeen? Come on, they have to be doing this on purpose. I wonder how many supporters of this are also Teabaggers. (Probably not that many, … Continue reading

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