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Who You Gonna Quell?

Zhong Kui, known as the Demon Queller, is a popular figure in Chinese folklore, and a very popular subject in art. Indeed, when I searched for information on him, most of the links were to paintings, and many others to … Continue reading

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The Power of Christ Compels You to Read This Book

The Exorcist, by William Peter Blatty – The movie version of this was one of the first films Beth and I saw at the theater together. I’m pretty sure the VERY first was X-Men, but we saw the re-release of … Continue reading

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Nine-Tenths of the Law

While exorcism is certainly no longer as prominent as it once was, it hasn’t died out by any means, and might even be on the rise. This Unreasonable Faith post cites a survey that found a few hundred exorcists operating … Continue reading

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