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Pan Theism

I’ve been planning for a little while to write a post on the association of Satan with goats, and the god Pan plays pretty heavily into this. Before I get to that, though, I think Pan deserves his own post, … Continue reading

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Pot Maze

Pan’s Labyrinth – Basically, the plot of this one is that, in fascist Spain, a widow marries a nasty captain who enjoys killing and torturing people, and brings her ten-year-old daughter Ofelia to his estate with her. She imagines that … Continue reading

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The Christians and the Pagans Sat Together at the Stone Table

One thing you’ll almost certainly notice in the Chronicles of Narnia is that, for a Christian series, there are a lot of beings from pagan mythology hanging out there. In addition to all the nymphs and fauns, there are wood-gods … Continue reading

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