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One of Us, Gooble Gobble

I want to get in the rest of these horror movie reviews before Halloween, and I’m busy tomorrow and the next day, so here you go. All four of these contain spoilers; I tried not to give away too much, … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Start Bitching

I wanted to say something about Bill O’Reilly losing his show at Fox News, because my wife used to hate-watch him fairly often, so I’ve been exposed to way too much of his angry old man shtick. He was an … Continue reading

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Sunday in the Park with Guns

I’ve been wanting to write about some issues I’ve seen coming up frequently as of late, including guns and the armed occupation in Oregon, but I haven’t really been able to form coherent thoughts. I’m going to try anyway, though. … Continue reading

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