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Back to the Labyrinth Again

Etrian Odyssey – I know they did a remake of this a few years back, but I just started playing the original, which I’ve had for a while now. It’s an old-school sort of dungeon crawler in many ways, at … Continue reading

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Dagger in Distress

Since I started playing Final Fantasy IX on the PC recently, I might as well give some of my early impressions about it. I played a bit of it on my brother’s PlayStation years ago, but didn’t get all that … Continue reading

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Light Warriors and Music

Orchestral performances of video game music have become more of a thing recently, and I say it’s about time. Beth and I saw the Symphony of the Goddesses, featuring Legend of Zelda music, a few years back. Last night, I … Continue reading

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We’re Certainly Dwarfs

So, is the plural “dwarfs” or “dwarves”? I believe the former is considered preferable, but J.R.R. Tolkien and I like the latter. Regardless, modern media tends to portray them fairly consistently, as diminutive but sturdy people with thick beards, who … Continue reading

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